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Friday, May 27, 2005

Liberals and "Caring less"

Occasionally, I will listen to one of the radio shows hosted by a card-carrying member of the loony left. I can't listen long, but I does help me understand the enemy.

Today, listening to the host carry on about some topic or another, he ended his rant with "And I could care less".

Now, what precisely is this supposed to mean? Is it a measure of how important this rant was relative to other rants? Since he could care less about this one, it must rank above those that he cares not at all about. In that case, I'm not quite sure why this topic was worthy of discussion. Should he not be whining on about the topic lesser on the 'care' meter?

Or, perhaps since he clearly cared more about this topic than others, he felt like expending valuable* bandwidth expounding on it. Yet, given the disdain with which the host spoke of the topic, I got the distinct impression that he had strong negative feelings about it, and didn't really care. Tough to tell.

It's "I COULDN'T care less", or for those with contraction problems, "I could NOT care less"! Get it straight, or get off the radio. In fact, just forget I said anything and get off the radio.

*Well, it's liberal radio, and the listening audience probably consisted of me and the 12 members of the Green party, so maybe 'valuable' is too strong a word