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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eibensteiner Served GOP Well

GOP Chairman Ron Eibensteiner was defeated at the Minnesota GOP State Central Committee on Saturday by Ron Carey. Governor Pawlenty supported Eibensteiner. The press has spun this as a rejection of the Governor. But, that topic is for another post.

Eibensteiner served the GOP well for six years and should be congratulated for a job well done . . . picking up the Governor's mansion and two Congressional Seats as well as holding the state house. Former National College Republican Chairman Eric Hoplin won for deputy chairman. Deputy State Auditor Tony Sutton (JAS member) prevailed in an uncontested race for Secretary-Treasurer. I think the group of three executive officers - along with National Commiteeman Brian Sullivan - reflect a change toward younger, more aggressive conservatism.

The challenge will be coordinating with a Governor who is younger and has his own version of a more aggressive conservatism.

The GOP has a lot at stake in 2006. Get active!