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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

News Flash: The Pope is Catholic

Can you believe the audacity of this Ratzinger/Benedict guy?

Unlike every pope before him, he seems to actually believe that everyone should become a Catholic, and that other religions, even other Christian religions, are deficient. That is, this guy seems to believe the Church is the Chuch. The nerve! (Oh wait! All the other popes said the same thing too).

Unlike every other pope before him, he thinks the Church doesn’t have the authority to ordain women. (Oh wait! Whoops again. It seems all the other popes said the same thing here again as well.)

Ok, but what about sex? Surely he’s the first pope to be against gay sex, fornication and artificial birth control? (Man! Wrong again.)

(Sarcasm off).

Overall, I'm not surprised at the animosity of liberal Catholics toward Ratzinger/Benedict. He has always been their boogyman. But I am amazed at the level of feeling non-Catholics have about him. I couldn’t care less who is made the (Anglican) Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the World Council of Churches or the (Orthodox) Patriarchsof Moscow or Constantinople.
Seriously, why is this any of their business?

Blogger Sloanasaurus said...

These so called "Catholics" should stop complaining. All night the talk shows blistered with liberals complaining that the new pope won't accept abortion or allow woman priests. If they are so upset they should go and become a protestant...start their own church and stop complaining...that's what Luther did. Perhaps they can adopt Mao's little red book as a substitute to the Bible. I am sure Mao was all for abortion and he solved the priest problem by banning them all together (which would be perfectly acceptable to liberals.)

8:38 AM, April 20, 2005  

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