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Monday, March 28, 2005

Bernie Botts


While everyone else was celebrating their Easter weekend with good things to eat, I had the fortune of trying Bernie Botts flavored jelly beans. The beans are straight from Harry Potter and are available in many wild flavors including:

1. Dirt
2. Earwax
3. Sardine
4. Booger
5. Soap
6. Black Pepper
7. Earthworm
8. Spaghetti
9. Vomit
10. Sardine

I assumed that these were for fun and that Earthworm was really an interesting fruity flavor. So I tried Earthworm, and it didn’t rally taste like much at all. Then I tried Spaghetti and it actually tasted a little bit like Spaghetti - quite interesting. Then I tried Sardine and just about puked up my entire large intestine.

Sardine is definitely the grossest flavored item that has ever reached my palate. I do not recommend it for anyone. After Sardine, I decided to pass on the others such as Vomit and Booger. (However, my wife tried vomit and claims that Sardine is still worse. )

Perhaps you should go out and buy some yourself. They are available at any Target store.