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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Our Two Americas: Actual Victims and Honorary Victims

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that girl's basketball coach Roderick Jackson may sue under the federal Civil Rights laws for sex discrimination. Johnson claims that he was fired from his coaching assignment because he complained to school district officials that the girls on his team were treated unfairly in comparison to the boys' basketball team.

As the court ruled, Johnson's complaints about discrimination against other people (in this case, the young girls who were short-changed) transformed his claim for unlawful retaliation into one of gender discrimination.

The Court says plainly: “[Title IX] is broadly worded; it does not require that the victim of the retaliation must also be the victim of the discrimination that is the subject of the original complaint.”

In this ruling we have the liberals' great triumph: Victimization by proxy.

If you are not an actual victim of invidious discrimination; that is no problem at all…. Speaking out about discrimination against others makes you an honorary victim.

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