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Sunday, March 06, 2005

We Don’t Want Him, You Can Have Him

In an Editorial entitled “Wrong on All Counts,” George F. Will declares in today's Washington Post that Justice Kennedy’s opinions in the juvenile death penalty cases are an “intellectual train wreck, but useful as a timely warning about what happens when judicial offices are filled with injudicious people.”

Meanwhile, on the other coast, the Los Angeles Times extends a warm embrace to the outcast Kennedy, characterizing him as a legatee of the Warren Court. (Being like Earl Warren is, of course, the nicest thing that the Los Angeles Times can say about a judge.) And just to be sure that their newest friend can't easily double-back, and return to the conservative fold, the article also includes the following assessment -- from one of Justice Kennedy's own former law clerks, no less: He is “a judicial imperialist. He has a deep faith in the judiciary's ability to solve our society's problems, and that runs counter to traditional conservative principles.”