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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Video Worth Streaming ( ... or Another Reason to Hug the Cable Guy)

The thin bandwidth line between pundit shout-a-thons on commercial television and the wider and longer discourse that we really need in this country is, of course, C-SPAN.

It is a national treasure.

Not fragmented by the need for commercial breaks, but ubiquitous enough to be available everywhere that there is co-axial cable, C-SPAN accomplishes something that is truly rare in today's culture: the opportunity to reach millions of Americans with important messages and the time to actually develop an idea or two.

And the man who (alongside Minnesota's Vin Weber and Pennsylvania's Bob Walker) made the channel so interesting to watch in the first place, Newt Gingrich, returned late last month for a tour-de-force.

In a speech before the American Enterprise Institute, the former Speaker details his views on Winning the Future -- also the title of his new best-selling book.

And while an hour or so is a lot to ask of folks in our over-booked, high-velocity culture, this is video that is worth streaming. Tune in. You will be glad that you did.