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Friday, March 18, 2005

Clubs for Outlaws

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports today that Members of the Georgia State Board of Education are wrestling with a proposed rule that would require high school students to obtain permission slips from their parents before joining “gay student support groups that are popping up in Georgia high schools.”

Abby Farrar, age 15, and one of the students who hopes to start such a group, says that requiring written permission could deter would-be club members from joining up.

My questions, of course, are more fundamental: How could the public schools even consider hosting such an organization when the underlying premise of the club is an affinity based upon sexual conduct; and in the case of the club's would-be founder, illegal conduct? Georgia’s child molestation laws would criminally punish anyone who engaged in the acts with Abby (who is age 15) that underlie club membership.

And if a club for students that are too young to consent to sexual conduct is permitted would Georgia schools likewise charter a Kamasutra Book Club in advance of the Prom?

It is a situation that is out of control.