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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Where are the Human Shields?


With the struggle for democracy in Lebanon and the daily slaughter of innocents in Iraq, where are the human shields? They were out in full force defending Saddam from America; where are they to defend Shia children from Al Queda suicide bombers? Where are human shields to stop the advance of Hezbollah or the Syrian army?

The Human Shields claim they were not supporting Saddam, they were only trying to save lives and promote peace. If this is so, why are there no human shields protesting against the death dealer Zarqawi. Where were the human shields protecting Iraqis as they went to the polls on January 30. (actually there were human shields...they were Iraqi and American Soldiers.)

The answer is simple. There are some groups in the world that actually see tyrannical regimes such as Saddam or Al Queda as a good force in the world. These leftists see tyranny as necessary in bringing the world into more equality by bringing down the United States. These groups are the embodiment of evil.

The human shield concept is why conservatives must continue to stay at the front of the action and continue to bear arms, especially intellectual arms. As long as man is temporal, so goes the war of good vs. evil.