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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Battlestar Galactica


For those Sci Fi fans out there, I highly recommend the new Series Battlestar Galactica, which plays on Friday evenings on the Sci Fi channel. It is far superior to the original series, and, in my opinion, is so far the best Sci Fi series ever on television. You can actually see an uncut episode on the internet here. The series creater, Ron Moore also has a blog on the show.

One of the problems with recent Sci Fi television is the tendency to be too principled. There are countless episodes of Star Trek where the crew manages to save a giant amoeba life form even at the cost of themselves. Battlestar, however, is a complete wildcard. For example, in one showLt. Starbuck spends the whole episode torturing a human Cylon to find information on where the Cylon planted a nuclear bomb. She is later confronted by the President (played by Mary McDonnel), who stops the the torture and manages to elicit the information by being "nice" to the prisoner. At this juncture I just about puked, and grumbled how once again Sci Fi stoops to political correctness. To my surprise, however, after elicitating the information, the President sends the Human Cylon out the airlock for instant execution. Quite a surprising turn of events.......

The last episode of this season airs April 1. Moreover, due to increased popularity, the show has now been renewed for the next season and 20 new episodes. Check it out!