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Monday, February 21, 2005

Guests in Iraq

Columnist David Ignatious recently wrote this regarding the current political climate in Iraq following the election on January 30:

Grand Ayatolla Sistani has privately described the Americans as "the big guest," according to Rubaie. That implies two things - that U.S. troops won't be staying forever, and that while they remain in Iraq, they should be treated with Arab hospitality and respect. That's a formula that would probably work for the big guest, too.

Perhaps people are underestimating the power and ligitimacy the new Iraqi government will be able to grant the United States in the eyes of the Arab World and Democracy haters in Western Europe. If a new Iraqi government, legimitaley elected, grants the status of "guest" to the United States Military, that would seem to change the whole political dynamic of the insurgency. After such a pronouncement, any attacks on the U.S. would be criminal acts and contrary to arab tradition rather than a war against the crusader invader. At this point, the United States would have more "international legitimacy" to be in Iraq than we did invading and liberating France in 1944. What would be the purpose of the insurgency, which some claim is to currently kick out the crusader invader/occupier, if the people have granted the status of guest. Certainly, it won't convince terrorist whose goal is islamic fascism, but, it may influence all the rest.