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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Agent Orange Myth

During the pre-debate discussions last evening, I overheard a reference to Agent Orange. Perhaps the blogosphere should take it upon themselves to finally uncover the media fraud that is Agent Orange once and for all.

Agent Orange is one of the biggest lies in liberal journalism history. The fraud is so big that even skeptical conservatives and opponents of the MSM have fallen for the fraud and continue to discuss Agent Orange as fact rather than fiction. I have written several times to Hugh Hewitt after Hewitt has perpertuated the Agent Orange Myth and encouraged him to read Stolen Valor, a great work which exposes many media frauds about the Vietnam War. Unfortunatley, there is no word whether or not Hewitt has taken my advice.

The MSM should have gotten a hint regarding the Agent Orange myth from the recent poisioning of Ukrainian President Vicktor Yushchenko. According to sources Yushchenko was recording as having the second highest ever recorded level of Dioxin, the supposed dangerous substance in Agent Orange. Yet, it turns out that Yushchenko only suffered a bad case of Acne:

The massive quantities of dioxin in Yushchenko's system caused chloracne, a type of adult acne produced by exposure to toxic chemicals that left his once-handsome face badly disfigured, hospital dermatologist Hubert Pehmberger told The Associated Press.
Chloracne can take up to two to three years to heal, but Dr. Nikolai Korpan, the physician who oversaw the Ukrainian politician's treatment, said Yushchenko is "fully capable of working."


Of course not. That is because the left wing meda cannot admit that there is no proof that exposure to Agent Orange ever killed anyone or caused any material increase in cancer rates.

In fact, Agent Orange does not have near the concentration of Dioxin that showed up in Yushenko. And in instances where large concentrations of Dioxin has been released there has been no proven instance of an increase in cancer.

Stolen Valor also discusses the famous "Ranch Hands," the unit in Vietnam that actually distributed Agent Orange. John Thomas at the Mckenzie Institute sums it up here:

If any Vietnam Veterans had come down with problems related to Agent Orange, it would have been the high living "cowboys" of the Ranch Hand project — the US Airmen who actually sprayed the stuff. Flying at near-stall speeds about 50m above ground level, these servicemen took a lot of ground-fire. Indeed, one of their aircraft — known as "Patches" -- is in the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio. Often, they ended up coated in Agent Orange when they sprayed it or had it sluicing around their ankles after being shot-up again. Moreover, at initiations for new members of their Squadron, both the newcomers and the older veterans would drink a glass of the defoliant.

Over 1,174 of the 1,206 veterans of this squadron have participated in a careful 20-year study of the results of their exposure to Agent Orange. Net result? The Ranch Hand group continues to have the same mortality rate as their control group of 1,293 similar men — and both have a lower mortality rate than the average American Male population. The only real difference in rates of those ailments associated with dioxin, despite massive exposure to Agent Orange, was that the Ranch Hand vets had a slightly higher tendency to display problems related to heavy drinking — something many of them engaged in as young servicemen on a nerve-wracking duty.

Read More.

I encourange everyone to pick up a copy of Stolen Valor and encourage the blogosphere to go back into history in uncover more frauds committed by the mainstream liberal media.