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Monday, February 21, 2005

Greatest President

Its time to chime in with the Greatest Presidents Debate. Here is my list:

1. George Washington - He was first and still deserves to be the greatest. He made the office.
2. Lincoln - He saved the Union and ended the great rift.
3. FDR - He is a liberal, but 4 terms, getting through the depression, and saving the world deserves recognition.
4. Teddy Roosevelt - My controversial pick. TR spoke softly and carried a big stick.
5. RR - Conservative of the century and victor over the commies.

Worst Presidents:

1. Jimmy Carter

Worst Ex Presidents

1. Jimmy Carter

Blogger Lance Rimpi said...


This blog is a feature of the JOHN ADAMS Society. You remember, Adams, don't you -- the nation's Second President and its greaterst Founder?

Co-draftsman on the Declaration of Independence; chairman of the Committee that selected Washington to head the Continental Army; diplomat who negotiated early loans from the Netherlands, which ensured we had a post-Revolutionary country that did not collapse into anarchy; and visionary Father of the American Navy; Adams deserves to be near, if not above, Washington on the list -- and likewise vaulted above the others too.

Similarly, if sturdy character counts, Adams is undoubtedly the highest ranking among the 43 Chief Executives we have had -- a far better man than those we have chisled onto our currency or across a certain Dakota mountainside. (The duplicitous weasal, Franklin Roosevelt, who scores number 3 on Publius' post, drags at the bottom -- with Clinton -- on the personal character scale.)

Professor Ellis, author of a new book on Washington, cheekily remarks that U.S. Presidential history stands from the proposition that Darwinian theory is exactly opposite of what it should be.... If Ellis is right on that score, Adams should at least be number 2 on our list.

Our Society is great because we correctly esteem the gentlemen farmer-lawyer-diplomat-selfless statesman from Braintree, as the very best of our country.

7:51 AM, February 22, 2005  
Blogger Sloanasaurus said...

Certainly John Adams ranks in my opinion higher than FDR in the Service of our country. But, I was doing a list of the five greatest presidents. Adams is deservedly known for what he did not as a president, but as a founding father. In that sense I would put Mr. Madison, Mr Adams, Mr. Hamilton, and Mr. Jefferson, and others all above FDR, TR and RR on any sort of greatest patriot list.

8:49 AM, February 22, 2005  

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