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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Neopopulism's First Critic

Neopopulism already has its critics. See http://greatdivide.typepad.com for "Revenge of the Nerds."

My sense is that neopopulism will have two types of elitist critics: ideological and partisan. Ideologues will criticize neopopulism for not being ideological at all or will attribute an ideology that isn't there. Similarly, partisans will criticize neopopulism for not being partisan at all or will attribut a partisanship that isn't there.

Interestingly, neopopulism will only be useful for people who are not ideologues nor partisans. Neopopulist rhetoric won't work for them. They will be frustrated.

However, it is also important that neopopulists self-regulate -- ridding themselves of all forms of elitism, ideology and partisanship. It is the only way to assure ourselves of our own neopopulism.