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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Best Argument I've Seen for McCain

McCain's voting record in the 110th Senate is the 8th most conservative in the Senate. McCain's voting record in the current Congress is just more conservative than Texas Senator Cornyn and just to the left of retiring Senator Allard of Colorado. From 2003- until now McCain has consistently had one of the 10 most conservative voting records.

Follow this link to the Poole and Rosenthal website:

FYI: BHO, the junior Senator from Illinois is in a tie for the 10th most liberal Senator.
HRC, the junior Senator from New York is in a tie for as the 20th most liberal Senator.

Poole and Rosenthal use an algorithm that they developed to produce a ranking of Senators and Representatives from each Congress. The ranking are based only on contested roll call votes, not the content of speeches or media images.