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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Teaching about Race: Common Mistakes of White Professors

This quote is from an ad for a teaching workshop at a local educational institution.
Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up.

"Teaching about Race: Common Mistakes of White Professors
Race is a reality that Whites can no longer say applies only to the “Other,” and White Supremacy (the ideology and practice that holds that White is the norm and Whites are the “natural” authority in any organization or community) is something that some Whites have only recently come to acknowledge and challenge on a wide basis. A desire to teach about race, reduce racism, and honor diverse races, heritages and traditions is now extolled as a worthy project, indeed a necessity, for White teachers in many disciplines.

As many Whites who have tried this know, such teaching is fraught with contradictions and missteps, ending up with teachers themselves being accused of racism, and raw emotions being exposed in ways that cause some teachers to vow never to try this again. This workshop will examine 10 common mistakes White teachers make in teaching about race. Some of them are basic (excusing oneself from complicity in racism, saying you understand oppression, asking a student to give the “Black,” “Asian” or “First Nations” perspective). Some are more subtle, such as the danger of repressive tolerance (appearing to open up a curriculum whilst simultaneously closing it down)."

Blogger ReTorte said...

Reminds me of a short essay I wrote during my freshman year of college about how races claiming oppression really are far more racist than their white counterparts could ever be making the same statements with only the specific race title (black, asian, white, etc.) changed which earned me a D+ from my College English Professor then the older, wiser spin-off of the same thesis for Social Psychology which I believe earned that same grade... Hmmmmm..

Apparently pointing out other race's racist behaviors are fighting words in the struggle against eliminating oppression and racism.

1:46 AM, December 03, 2007  

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