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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Disturbed Prosecutors

By now everyone has read the strange story about the astronaut love triangle incident. The story is pretty wild. However, sources now say that prosecutors inted to charge Lisa Nowak with "attempted first-degree murder, attempted kidnapping and three other crimes stemming from what police described as a love triangle involving a fellow astronaut.."

According to authorities:

Nowak, accustomed to wearing astronaut diapers during the space shuttle's launch and return to Earth, wore them on the drive from Houston so she would not have to make bathroom stops as she raced to confront Shipman at the Orlando International Airport, police said. Then, according to police, Nowak donned a wig and trench coat, boarded an airport shuttle bus with Shipman and followed her to her car. Crying, Nowak sprayed a chemical into the car. Shipman drove to a parking lot booth for help. A police affidavit made public Tuesday said Nowak had "stealthily followed the victim while in disguise and possessed multiple deadly weapons." The affidavit said the circumstances of the case "create a well-founded fear" and gave investigators "probable cause to believe that Mrs. Nowak intended to murder Ms. Shipman."

Hmmm.... I always thought that attempted murder means that you actually "attempted" to murder someone. It seems to me that attempting to spray pepper spray at a person is not attempting murder...Attempted murder is shooting a gun at someone and missing. The same goes for attempted kidnapping.

Sure, the woman obviously committed battery, but attempted murder or attempted kidnapping...all because she had a BB gun and a knife in her car? Based on the facts we know now, attempted murder charges and kidnapping charges is nothing more than a smear by the authorities on Nowak.

She is obviously troubled and guilty of something, but we need to be realistic about what she is guilty of...