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Monday, September 25, 2006

Iraq Creating Terrorists

The latest leak by moles in the CIA is that a classified national intelligence Report concludes that the Iraq war is fueling Islamic extremism. I assume that to conclude such a fact, the data for the report states that Iraq is being used by the extremists themselves to recruit and as an excuse to raise money for their cause.

An assessment of this? Well DUH! Prior to Iraq, the Islamists were using Afghanistan to recruit. Prior to that it was our sanctions killing Iraqi children or our presence in Saudi Arabia.... in fact our very existence fuels Islamists. Everything we do makes them mad. Recently, the Pope and politcal cartoons showing Mohammad have been fueling extremism. The most common cause is that of the existence of Israel. In fact, the Iranian president has offered that the elimination of Israel would solve most of the problems in the middle east.

The point critics want to drive home... at least the argument they imply is that but for Iraq there would be less attacks on the U.S... wait I mean there would be less of a threat of attacks on the U.S. - whatever that means. They don't actually make this argument because it is just empty opinion. I guess Democrats would argue that they would fight a more just, kinder, and gentler war....

Our goal should be to eliminate the dangerous threats - that being the use of WMD by terrorists or terror states. Doing so is bound to make some college kids angry, and some of them even extreme. This is why we need a patriot act.