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Monday, August 21, 2006

Did Israel Lose?

I have been hearing almost every pundit on the news and talk radio discuss how Israel has lost the current war in Lebanon. They say Israels lost is embolding the arab world etc... They say Israel lost because they did not wipe out Hezbollah.

I still don't buy it. How is it that Israel lost the war? They suffered less than 200 dead in a month of fighting. The Hezbollah dead is uncountable because Hezbollah does not report their numbers. Israel destroyed pretty much all of Hezbollah's infrastructure in southern Lebanon and Beirut. The effects of this destruction will start to have its effects in the coming months.

Further, Israel still occupies parts of southern Lebanon and isn't going to leave until a UN force arrives. It is likely that this UN force will never arrive. What will happen then - Israel will be occupying Lebanon under the graces of the UN? Hezbollah will have to start attacking Israel. Is that a victory for Hezbollah?

I finally found a column I agree with on this war:

In the immediate aftermath of the 1973 October War, there was much joy in the Arab world because the myth of Israeli invincibility had been shattered by the surprise Egyptian crossing of the Suez Canal, and the Syrian offensive that wept across the Golan Heights. Even unbiased commentators noted the failure of the Israeli air force to repeat its feats of 1967 while losing fully one-quarter of its combat aircraft to ground fire, just as hundreds of Israeli tanks were damaged or estroyed by brave Egyptian infantrymen with their hand-carried missiles and rockets

Eventually it was decided that Israel won that war. How many planes did Israel lose in the current conflict?