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Monday, July 03, 2006

Meet the Idiots Part 2

This time its the Swiss. Apparently, they are criticising the Israelis for their invasion of Gaza saying that Israel is breaking international law and endangering civilians. Israel responded:

We are disappointed that the Swiss government did not issue such statements when Israel's civilian population was constantly under attack from the Gaza Strip.

No kidding.! I don't remember the Swiss calling on the terrorists to respect Israels borders? Or to stop targeting civilians?

This is just more leftist cheese eating surrender monkey Bull Sh*#. Why the left keeps asking us to disarm and lay down our weapons in the face of obvious aggression is an eternal mystery. Yet they keep doing it.

Moreover, this time Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people with a clear majority. They are getting what they asked for. If you vote for war, then you should get war. Kidnapping an Israeli soldier is an act of war and then having the government admitting that you kidnapped him and requiring all kinds of demands is just more evidence that it is an act of war. What Hamas has done is worse than Nazi Germany. At least Nazi Germany declared war on us first. Israel has every right to use any means necessary to take down the Hamas government and anyone seen bearing arms against them.