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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A letter from the Jane Public

I recently came into possession the following letter. The person to whom it was addressed was going through his official mail while we were talking, and he started laughing when he got to this one. After reading it, I asked if I could have it and he agreed. I thought I'd share the contents of the letter with you. I've redacted identifying information, but left the writing so you can read it in all its glory. The writer is NOT in the elected official's district, so I suspect it may have been sent to others.

June [xx], 2006

Dear [Elected Official]:

May I ask you to review my resume for consideration for hire? Or possibly for contractor or consulting work? Could you post this resume on a local jobs network/website?

If the hoops are to [sic] cumbersome, perhaps you can simply do a favor and ask how health care coverage (and perhaps employment) in a community might be addressed – like a 401K chargeable, carryable account. I have been on unemployment and it’s difficult.

I also find rectifying problems within the medical industry very cumbersome with respect to what level the “oversight" occurs. With regards, I have spent much time in medical systems, and, as a potential patient advocate, I am interested in “revealing approvable “cures”” that might be PAC withheld - like patents in many industries; my basic instinct is to follow my nose - as I have found myself tied up within the system.

Also, could we get a do-not-mail list for solicitors-like the do-not-call list? In addition, why not a do-not-spam

I'm also thinking that higher education “is too expensive” and could be “pushed” to more productivity by licensable video with appropriate access to laboratories, tests, books and questions.

And with respect to natural resources – water and oil (are highly political commodities - and do not mix?) are extractable and not always within a short time-spam "renewable". Therefore we are constrained by our abilities to further the production possibilities frontier with our creativeness and need to be mindful of the surplus that
distinguishes itself between the cost and the supply. Do you have any addressable issues with respect to this?



[resume attached]

I have to give this person credit for covering such wide range of important topics in the span on a one page letter, although I question the letter's effectiveness.

Blogger Sloanasaurus said...

I think the name of the author should be published. The writer is obviously not looking for a job and has broken traditional discourse by trying to pretend they are something they are not (a job seeker). As such, they should be disclosed.

8:41 AM, July 03, 2006  

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