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Friday, January 20, 2006

Why the Osama message now?

I have been pondering the timing of the Osama message....here are some of the ideas I have been hearing:

- The message is a plant by Bush to raise his approval ratings
- The message was meant to further divide America in light of the recent NSA spying and lower Iraq support in the polls.
- The message was meant to motivate Al Qaeda followers.

I think the third reason is the most plausible. One of the greatest strategies in war is to take advantage of military victories by pushing psychological warfare . Further, victories alone can seriously erode the psychological support of your enemy, especially if your enemy has been lacking in victories. I think the recent attack in Pakistan that killed Al Qaeda leaders was a major victory against the terrorists and Al Qaeda moved as quickly as possible to keep their supporters from evaporating. Al Qaeda had to show that they were still viable after losing so many top commanders.

Nevertheless the message also talks about the opinion polls in the U.S. to pull troops out of Iraq. Osama seems to be adopting the Democrats talking points.