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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Weddings, Oh My!

The marked lack of interest in the changing speed of light noted, I join the riffraff to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of George Michael (Yes, Pencil, I regretfully do know some of his songs) to his long-time partner, somebody or other.

Also in the news,
Elton John, Partner Plan Dec. 21 Civil Union
George Michael Slams Elton John

Apparently, Mr. John was seen trying on a dress just a bit too similar to Mr. Michael's for comfort.

Without an entry ready on Planck's constant (h) to balance the exposure to this populist drivel, I feel a cavity coming on. Off to brush my teeth.

(If anyone needs a quick antidote, go here for the lowdown on the uncertainty principle, or as Niels Bohr liked to call it, the Heisenberg indeterminacy principle.)