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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bush can win Social Security Reform

The liberal media is already out to kill GW's plan to reform Social Security. On NPR this evening I heard a report on the matter and National Peoples Radio said "...Democrats oppose Bush's plan because it will reduce benefits for younger workers..." It seems to me that Bush's whole point is to avoid cuts in benefits. Perhaps NPR knows this too, but it matters little because they are opposed to Bush.

Bush can win Social Security if he is able to convince older voters that their program will not be altered. Bush needs to convince the AARP to support his reforms. It will be a long haul because the Democrats and MSM will be out in force lying through their teeth about any proposed reform..essentially scaring old people.

Younger workers are already in the bag: 1) Most younger workers do not believe at this time they will receive any benefits; 2) Younger workers no what 401ks are and understand these concepts; 3) the problem for younger workers is so distant its hard to imagine any younger worker (other than the socialists) getting upset about the plan.

I actually think Social Security reform will be easier than current predictions. It will be easier because 2 workers paying for every 1 retired worker is a nasty fact that is easy to understand for any age.