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Friday, November 19, 2004

The Ugly UN

Today's revelation about apparent unionized workers at the UN voting to express "no confidence" in Kofi Annan and the UN leadership is very interesting. It is just another sign that the UN is probably a completely corrupt institution. The UN essentially operates without oversight other than the willingness of member countries to fund it. Any student of government knows that once corruption starts it continues to snowball until it is dismantled. Corrupt leaders such as Annan will continue the corruption to cover up other corruptions...will continue to lie to cover up other lies.... and so on... and so on... and so on.

The problem with this issue is that liberal institutions such as the world media and enemies of America will defend the UN at all costs because the UN embodies their world view. We should never expect the mainstream media or european countries to take any interest in uncovering corruption at the UN. Nevertheless, the boat may have sprung too many leaks. It is time that we take advantage of the apparent weakening at the UN. In addition to fruitless investigations, Congress should encourage UN employees to blow-the-whistle. We should offer whistleblowers protection and financial security in return for testimony and documents. The UN needs to become an open book.