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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hypnoanesthesia? No thanks

The publication for a Minnesota chapter of a group to which I belong arrived today, and while I was flipping through I spotted this eighth-of-a-page notice:
Volunteers Needed. The (BBC) is seeking volunteers who would be willing to undergo their scheduled surgery with hypnosis as their primary anesthesia. If interested, contact member Bill Xxxxx, hypnoanesthesiologist, at (952) 555-xxxx. Bill's services are at no charge for this study.
The last time I went to a gathering of this group, Bill Xxxxx, hypnoanesthesiologist, cornered me at the bar and whipped out the bloody pictures of his last surgery for which he administered his own hypnoanesthesia. (Most people show off their kids.) Having my wits about me, I launched an incendiary political routine and he stormed off.

Also in this publication are the new members, one being -- I will try to obfuscate google out of concern for the person's privacy -- "$ u b r a m a n i a n _M. _$ u r y a n a r a y a n a n" from the northwestern metro. I'd hate to ask what the "M" stands for.