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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hysteria gets recognized

RealClearPolitics sums up the mystery of the UAE Ports deal:

So far I haven't seen any experts saying DP World poses some sort of additional security threat - though I've heard plenty of politicians say it.

So there you have it. The talking heads now realize that they maybe overreacted in a fit of hysteria to this story. Larry Kudlow calls it Islamophobia.

None of the Administration’s eager critics has furnished a scintilla of evidence showing the Administration hasn't done its due diligence. Add it all up, and I think what you’ve got here is a bi-partisan pack of protectionist politicians. Throw in some xenophobic anti-Arab feeling and you get our current state of affairs.

The Bush bashing, however, continues unabated at Instapundit:
But I'm now convinced -- especially after talking to Jim Dunnigan and Austin Bay-- that there's not really much to this story. As I noted earlier, we have aperfect storm brought about by the loss of confidence in the Administration'sbackbone after their inadequate Cartoon Wars response, continuing fears of terrorism (at least now the Democrats won't be able to say that it's a case of Bush fanning the flames of fear) and lousy White House PR management

Instead of recognizing their own faults these overreactors want to blame it on the Bush Adminsitration for not properly communicating to them soon enough that Dubai Ports World was buying a British company, which operated a few terminals in six ports in the U.S. They want to blame Bush for their own failings and their own sick hysteria. These talking heads should blame themselves. Where is the personal responsibility? Do they expect Bush to provide them with details on every one of the thousands of deals approved by the Government....no way. That would be ridiculous. How come these talking heads don't complain about the port terminals operated by China? Do they think China is our friend and gasses up or warships. These pundits are running for cover because they know they look and sound like idiots.

Unfortunaltely for the egos out there, this is not another Harriet Miers moment.

UPDATE: Here is another excellent commentary on the UAE Ports deal.