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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Debate February 8


Christopher Phelan, Chairman
Marianne Stebbins Beck, Secretary
Larry Colson, Chief Whip
Roger Belfay, Chancellor

February 8, 2006
That which is won ill, will never wear well, for there is a curse attends it which will waste it. The same corrupt dispositions which incline men to sinful ways of getting, will incline them to the like sinful ways of spending. —M. Henry

ONCE UPON A TIME the Grand Old Party stood for something. As recently as the 1990’s, under the threat of President Bill Clinton and a Democrat-controlled Congress, Republicans were organized and spoilin’ for a fight. The GOP icon of Newt Gingrich gathered his lean troops together and orchestrated the Republican Takeover of 1994, complete with a platform of which candidates across the nation sang in accord --- a platform of smaller and more responsible government.

Flash forward a decade to today. The GOP rank and file, still seeking a smaller and more responsible government, is befuddled and discouraged with the unfulfilled promises of the elected leadership. Spending is spiraling out of control (at twice the rate as under Bill Clinton) with Republicans buying Bridges to Nowhere and enough other pork to shame a Democrat. Corruption has tainted the once saintly party, now fattened under years of victory.

ON THE OTHER HAND, under the leadership of George W. Bush, taxes have been cut, conservative judges have been nominated and confirmed, and the economy is growing at an encouragingly steady pace. There’s been chatter of Social Security privatization, overt discussion of a flat tax, or even of abolishment of the IRS altogether through a national sales tax. Looking back to the Presidency of Richard Nixon or the Senate leadership and candidacy of Bob Dole reminds us that we’ve come a long way, baby.

The chairman, nearly lean as a Pencil himself, has called for a debate to settle the question:

RESOLVED: Republicans Have Grown Fat.

The Debate will be held on Wednesday, February 8, 2004 at the University Club, 420 Summit Avenue, in Saint Paul. The Chancellor will preside over drinks beginning at seven o'clock p.m. The debate will begin at half past seven. While there is no dress code for attendance, gentlemen who wish to speak must wear a tie; ladies should adhere to a similar sartorial standard. For those gentlemen who arrive tieless yet wish to speak, fret not: the Purveyor of Ties will keep on hand at least one of his quite remarkable ties for just such an eventuality. Questions about debate caucus procedures or about the John Adams Society itself may be directed to the Chairman at (612) 204-5615 or the Secretary at (952) 470-8090.


Blogger Sloanasaurus said...

Congrats Festivus on being named Chief Whip.

11:51 PM, January 28, 2006  

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